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He is a Fellow member of ICSI and Partner of MMJC. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Corporate Governance and various Company Law matters. He has actively contributed to the Research Committee of ICSI for research about Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). He has written various articles which have been published in various magazines of the ICSI and ICAI and has delivered lectures at various Study Circles/ Seminars organized by ICSI and ICAI. Also, he has won the Best Secretarial Auditor award from ICSI for the year 2019-20. He is also member of Expert Group on Secretarial Standards Board [SSB] of ICSI and he had been Convener to ICSI - SSB publications - Guidance Note on PIT and Guidance Note on CSR.

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She is a Fellow member of ICSI and Partner of MMJC. She is also a Registered Insolvency Professional. She is specialized in handling Mergers & Amalgamations, various Company Law matters, Foreign Exchange related matters including setting up and statutory filings of Liaison office/ Branch office/ Project office of Foreign Companies. She also has expertise in handling winding up matter. She has delivered lectures at various study circles and Seminars.


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She is Fellow member of ICSI and Partner of MMJC. She has a Masters degree in Business Laws. She is in charge of finalization of various articles published in our fortnightly magazine & external magazines, Technology, Training & Development wing of MMJC. She also overviews Service given to all the clients of MMJC and leads MMJC Service initiative by ensuring 100% compliance of all clients and timely completion of assignments. She has played an active role in updation of Secretarial Audit related and Prohibition of Insider Trading related books published earlier by Dr. K.R. Chandratre, Past President of ICSI.

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She is Fellow member of ICSI, Law Graduate and Partner of MMJC. She is involved in lot of Technology initiative and Research initiative taken by the Firm. She is in charge of Data Management, Research, Compliance and Media of MMJC.

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He is a Fellow member of ICSI and Partner in MMJC. He has rich experience in compliances of listed companies. He has been instrumental in promoting governance practices and screening documents from proxy advisors perspective. He actively conducts KMS sessions for listed companies. He has expertise in subjects like Prohibition of Insider Trading, Related Party Transactions, Policies under SEBI laws, Due Diligence, SPAs/SHAs/ Investor Agreements. He also leading our Investment Banking Division.

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She is a member of ICSI and Partner of MMJC. She is also a law graduate. She specializes in handling compliances of MultiNational Companies (MNCs), Asset Management Companies(AMCs), subsidiaries of Listed Companies, Companies incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013

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He is member of ICSI, Law Graduate and Partner of MMJC. He has worked with organisations like Bayer, Mondelez and Nokia before joining MMJC as Partner. His professional responsibilities mainly involved helping global companies in India achieve business results with integrity. He has expertise in Anti-corruption compliance, Business Integrity, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Competition law, Risk Management, Due Diligence, investigation, training and Prevention of Sexual Harassment. He looks after BRSR, ESG, CSR Impact Assessment and Compliance Polices.

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Omkar Dindorkar

He is member of ICSI, Law Graduate and Partner of MMJC. He is specialised in Secretarial Audits and Due Diligence for Companies of various sectors. He is also actively involved in Advisory and Strategy framing on various Corporate transactions, Mergers, Demerger, Capital Reductions and Acquisitions. He also looks after CSR Impact Assessment.

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