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Compliance and Integrity Management

  • An effective Compliance and Integrity program is critical for sustainable growth of any corporate.

  • Companies having such program will always have an edge in managing risks and maintaining its reputation.

  • Key risks that a business shall consider include:

            Statutory and regulatory non-                     compliance

            Bribery

            Competition Law

            Fraud

            Conflict of interest

            Money Laundering

            Data Privacy We support and                     guide corporates in assessment                 of compliance risks associated                   with business and design                           compliance and Integrity                           program based on business                       model and risk profile which                       will help in building a culture of                 compliance.

  • The effective program will also create speak up culture within the organisation and build trust amongst employees.

  • The program will ensure compliance with local laws which will not only avoid penalties but will also protect its directors and stakeholders from exposure to risks associated with non-compliance.

  • Our services include :

            Compliance risk assessment

            Design and implement                               Compliance program

            Awareness and communication                 about program

            Monitoring effectiveness of                       compliance program

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